Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Blog Thissaway...

Hey everyone!  If you're visiting for the first time, this blog is now history.  My new blog can be found at
The Angry Inch: A Weight Loss Odyssey.  I had decided to talk about my weight loss journey in a more mainstream light, because I was worried that the other issues that I've discussed here were a little intimidating for some people.  I also got brave and started posting some before and after pics!  But then the amazing, fabulous 266 gave me an award this morning, and linked to this blog!  Thanks so much, and I intend to honor that award with another post tonight.  Anyways, please click on to the new blog, and thanks for visiting!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Long Time Never See

So I quit my job, went on vacation, and now I'm back.  Had a great time, did a lot of thinking about my future.

I've decided to fold this blog, maybe start some others.  I think what I've aimed for is too much of a niche market.  The weight loss community people are probably totally freaked out by some stuff about my personal life.  I've lost a grand total of 110 pounds.  80 on the HCG protocol.  I know that I haven't reached my goal and maintained it yet,'s a great start.  I think that there's a lot of universal stuff in what I write, but it appears to not be connecting with anyone.  I also wanted to blog freely about the issues a person like me might face during a drastic weight loss process, which I have been able to do, but honestly, without comments I may as well be just journaling privately.  So I get it, the weight loss blogosphere isn't ready for a person like me, and the community didn't really make its way here.  It might just be that I suck as a blogger.  I guess I'll find out when I go back into the closet and blog about my weight loss journey in a de-personalized way.

There have been a few scattered readers, and though I have no idea whether you are one time visitors or regular followers, thanks for reading.  Best to you and yours, email me if you ever want to talk.